Meet Our Staff



Chief Operations Officer Ulises Gutierrez


Youth Pastors Ivan and Veronica Trejo // The Bridge Student Network

Ivan and Veronica were both raised in Pasadena and grew up in the same apostolic church. Veronica is a food enthusiast who enjoys finding new places to eat and enjoys hanging out with family in her spare time. Marrying his high school sweetheart, Ivan is a 26 year old musician who loves music&sports and hanging out with his friends. They have both worked in youth ministry for many years and have a great burden for youth and a strong desire to see them develop a genuine relationship with God. Veronica's hope is to mentor youth, especially young ladies, in guiding their steps to becoming everything God has intended for them to be. Likewise, Ivan has a passion to help young people find their worth and purpose in God. Together, they believe that God has a plan for everyone and there's nothing better in life than finding what that is. 


Children Pastors Mikal and Amanda Quintanilla // Life Kids